With gift options from $ 21, the list brings ’souvenirs‘ that can please cryptomoeda investors at Christmas.

Those who have not yet bought the Christmas gift can bet on some ’souvenir‘ for the end of the year related to Bitcoin. With the price of cryptomoeda above R$ 123 thousand in the market, most people can’t offer a ‚real Bitcoin‘ as a Christmas gift.

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This way, the way is to bet on an alternative that can please the fans of the cryptomoeda market, with a price that fits in the pocket. Check out five Christmas gifts for those who are in love with Bitcoin:

Clothing is one of the most common gifts for Christmas. Who seeks a gift related to the market of cryptomoedas can bet on a Bitcoin shirt. With varied prices and prints, there are plenty of options on the Internet to give as a gift this Christmas.

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The Loja da Camisa, for instance, is with a Bitcoin shirt model on promotion, being sold for only $ 49.90. With Bitcoin word printed on the chest, the shirt also talks about Satoshi Nakamoto which is cryptomoeda creation year, in 2009.

Bitcoin chocolate

Although Easter is still far away, getting chocolate as a Christmas gift can be an irresistible gift, even more so if it has something to do with Bitcoin. For those who have not yet bought a gift, a ‚Bitcoin safe‘ may be an alternative at the end of the year for cryptomime lovers.

Created by Roma Chocolates, the Bitcoin safe is filled with edible coins and can be offered as a gift this Christmas. With only R$ 260 grams, the box with chocolates has several Bitcoin coins. Sold through an advertisement in Luíza Magazine, each Bitcoin safe costs R$ 45,23.


Gifts to decorate the house are also considered a good choice for Christmas, and a picture with the Bitcoin print can be an alternative for those who need to give a gift to a lover of the cryptomime market.

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A Bitcoin frame is considered versatile, and can be used as a decoration object both at home and at the office. Anyone who wants to give a Bitcoin painting this Christmas, a mosaic-shaped copy is being sold at the Mercado Livre. For only R$ 169, the painting brings the gold Bitcoin print, divided into a mosaic of five pieces.

Collectible coin

Not everybody can give a friend or loved one a gift with a whole unit of Bitcoin, which is currently worth more than $ 123 thousand in the market. However, there is a much cheaper Bitcoin collectible currency, being sold for only R$ 22.

Without any value in the market, the physical currency of Bitcoin can be a gift at Christmas for those who only talk about cryptomime. Although not real, the coin can be a collectible item or even a decoration item.

Cryptomime wallet

Not everyone knows that there are wallets for physical cryptomorphs, known as hard wallets. In Brazil, Kripto BR negotiates Trezor models, which are used to store Bitcoins and other types of cryptomoedas.

Thus, a hard wallet can also be a gift alternative. With models from $ 649, a physical wallet for cryptomoedas can represent more security for the user, besides being a great gift for Christmas.